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PollPapa Team
03 08 2023

The crucial factor of online polling is the effectiveness of the method in terms of accuracy, accessibility and response rates, not its newness.

PollPapa Team
03 15 2023

We take a closer look at some of the significant improvements that blockchain can bring to people everywhere.

PollPapa Team
05 24 2023

Tips for crafting a good poll.

PollPapa Team
06 12 2023

While their primary purpose is to gather information on voter preferences, political polls also have a notable impact on shaping voter behavior and decision-making.

PollPapa Team
06 20 2023

Talking with family and friends who have fallen into the trap of media bubbles can be challenging, but it's not impossible to navigate these conversations successfully.

PollPapa Team
06 30 2023

Polling and surveying play a significant role in providing valuable insights and feedback that our business, whether small or big, needs to redefine its image, reconnect with its target audience, and differentiate itself from competitors.

PollPapa Team
07 07 2023

We all possess an inherent vulnerability to adopt the values and opinions of the loudest voices, even accepting deception when it aligns with popular opinion.

PollPapa Team
07 15 2023

Because Pollpapa is a social platform, centered around public polling, we want to address the limitations of personalized filtering called media bubbles.

PollPapa Team
08 08 2023

At the intersection of convenience and technology, online mobile polling offers unique advantages while also presenting fresh challenges.

PollPapa Team
08 15 2023

AI-powered systems can generate models that predict future trends.

PollPapa Team
08 23 2023

In societies that celebrate democratic values, it's critical to differentiate between constructive skepticism and sheer distrust.

PollPapa Team
09 01 2023

Putnam's "Bowling Alone" (2000) aptly illustrated how Americans were progressively becoming disengaged from their communities, resulting in lower social trust.

PollPapa Team
09 08 2023

In a world saturated with information, the realm of conspiracy theories often finds a place to flourish.

PollPapa Team
09 15 2023

One sure way to certify our human origin and our real existence is to feel free to exhibit our imperfections, to admit that we don't know something, even when we should have. In essence, we must become more comfortable with asking questions.

PollPapa Team
10 11 2023

While polling alone cannot end a conflict, it can be a crucial step towards understanding the path to peace and ensuring that the voice of the people is heard in the process. Common people do not want war!

The PollPapa Team
10 24 2023

Spice Up Your Polls with Entertaining Questions

PollPapa Team
11 14 2023

Never before have we been so well connected, yet paradoxically so disconnected.

PollPapa Team
11 27 2023

Polling directly contributes to bonding, creativity and better self-awareness within your team or circle.


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